The POWER of a good profile Picture

When you have to hire someone, what is the first thing that you do? Probably you are going to hire a headhunter, or start looking on LinkedIn or even ask your closest friends for some recommendations, right? Perfect! That’s the most safe and logical strategy! 

When the candidates start to pop up in front of you, what is the first thing that you see? Yes! Their image! What do you value about it? 

Let’s imagine the following situation, your sink has just broken, there is water all over your place, and you remembered that your insurance policy has just expired! You definitely need a plumber to fix it as soon as possible! You immediately ask for some recommendations and your friends indicate a website where you can find the best professional to you. Now it is time to choose the professional that will come to your home and fix your sink and you have two options:


Ok. It’s a little radical, I know, but which one of those two would you choose to be your plumber? I would definitely choose the first one, even not knowing if he is the best option or not. However his image shows me that he cares about his job, and makes me think he is probably a good professional.

You see, our Image is like our introducing card, it is the first impression! If you are looking for a new position or waiting months for that raise or promotion, take a look at your profile image or even your behavior. How is it? How long has it been since you don’t update your profile or start looking to yourself? 

A good image, can show the real person and professional that you are. If you are asking yourself how come, here are some tips:

Talk through your eyes

See the these two photos of Brad Pitt? Which one he has the most interesting looking?


I can certainly afirm the first one is the most interesting one. Why? In the first one, he seems interested about something, as if he is paying attention, which is the opposite of the other photo, where he is just...there. This simple look, that you can make on your own, by lightly closing your eyes, will give another perspective to your photos. Try it and then tell me! 

Care about your clothes

It will depend on the kind of job you make, of course. If you are a Lawyer, for example, try to dress up like one and on your LinkedIn profile photo, be dressed that way. Now, if you work as an artist, pay attention to your audience, and try to understand what they would like to see about you. Another example, if you an IT professional or a marketeer, avoid dressing up too formally, due to your jobs must be about innovation and being creatives.


Smiling is a good way to show you are a nice person. If you do not like to show your teeth, give us your Mona Lisa's smile, it will be a great invitation to get to know you better.

Social Media - “Not-to-be-posted- photos”:

If you are on social media, you are exposed. Avoid posting photos that might give the wrong impression about yourself, for example, the one that you drank more than expected, the one you were wearing that very small bikini on the beach, etc. But, please! Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem with these photos, but they are just not made to be posted and shared to your current boss or future one. Get it? 

You must care about your reputation. A recent research, made by a very renowned Brazilian magazine, Exame, has concluded that most companies consider the social life of their employees a factor to justify a promotion or to decide a retirement.

Hope you enjoyed the tips and that you can practice them in your lives, and please, feel comfortable to share your opinions, questions, and results.